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A weird death dream

10 years 7 months ago - 10 years 7 months ago #1 by fairylikely

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  • A weird death dream was created by fairylikely
    Hi All I would really love a bit of help or insight into this dream...
    Last night I dreamt about a relative I lost almost 30 years ago..(I was very young when she died and I did'nt really go through any greiving process. However in the last couple of years I have been thinking of her a lot and getting upset that my time with her was not quite sufficient on this earth.)

    Anyway to get back to the dream (!)..I was talking with her and knew she dead. We revisted the old house that she lived in and that I myself had stayed in many times. We walked around it together pointing out things we both remembered. l I asked if she was happy and she said she was. I then asked her what happens when we die..she told me in a very detached way that we are simply six feet under. This upset me a great deal and I started to cry.
    She then went on to explain that it was not scary and not unpleasant. She explained that we stay there in a state of lovely peaceful bliss until someone knocks on the 'door' to come and get us and then we leave with them. (I could picture the people she was referring to as men in suits and top hats and old fashioned attire..a little like funeral arrangers I suppose!)

    When I woke up I was still pretty shaken by this dream and what it means...

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    10 years 7 months ago #2 by mcreekr

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  • Replied by mcreekr on topic A weird death dream
    In your dream, death means change. The person in your dream represents an aspect of your personality that has changed. Look at the deceased person's personality as you remember it. The traits you saw in her will mirror those within you that have changed. For example: if she was a calm person, you may find yourself nervous or fidgety.
    The dream shows your contemplation over how you've changed or about what might be missing and where did it go. Look over your life and see where you may have been wondering about how things are and a possible step forward from where you're at, mentally. Hope this makes some sense for you.
    God Bless,
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