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Dad on phone who passed,and then the wind came

11 years 8 months ago #1 by patrick13

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  • I was talking on he phone with my Father who has passed, my Mother who is still alive and my oldest Brother who is alive. I could not tell you what we were talking about but we were laughing and having fun. I was walking down the hallways in my place of work (I work in a Hospice inpatient unit) pushing my 2 children in a playful manner in a wheel chair (they are not disabled) father had passed before meeting my children but had met and known very well the 19 other grandkids he and my Mom have...when I then bent down in my front of my children and asked my father on the phone if he would like to say hello to his grandson...A force of wind blew us all backwards rolling (safely) down the corridor, and then I woke.

    I physically felt moved for real by this wind rush and felt like if there was a video camera on me while I was sleeping you could have seen the sheets and covers moving from the force of this wind almost felt like something physically moved through my body.

    **What does this all mean..?**

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    11 years 8 months ago - 11 years 8 months ago #2 by CC

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  • Your dream is an expression of your feelings about your family and reflects your sense of loss for your deceased father, specifically as it relates to your children. Your children are "disabled" in the dream, reflecting your feeling that not knowing him will "handicap" them. While dreams that occur in the workplace are often about workplace issues, because your place of work is a Hospice, it is probably a more fitting symbol of his death. Phones are all about communication in dreams, expressing your desire for them to connect. When you try to make that connection, they and you are "blown away" by the realization that it will never happen. The wind represents his spirit.

    Dreams are symbolic expressions of feeling about what is most important to us at the time of the dream. The more "real" a dream feels, the more real, pressing, or important the feeling is in the dream and correspondingly in waking life. Given your awareness of the sheets in your bedroom moving due to the wind (you clearly were no longer in the Hospice of your dream), one of several things might have been happening. Dream or REM sleep occurs just before we naturally wake up at the end of a sleep cycle. It occurs during a "light" phase of sleep (as opposed to deep sleep.) You may have been caught between being asleep and being awake, which is a state of confusional arousal. Things appear to be real, but they are not... but nor are they dreams. OR, there could have been some actual movement of your sheets/covers (wind from an open window or the movement of your bed partner) and your dream "incorporated" that into your dream.

    Try to resist the temptation to believe that your deceased father actually visited you if only because these sorts of "occurrences during sleep" (as opposed to dreams) are common and make more logical sense as an expression of what happened. There is really no way to prove the contrary and to dismiss it is to ignore your own poignant emotional reality.

    Here are some links to the definitions of your symbols on this site which may add additional perspective:


    Hope that helps!

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