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Deceased mother

2 years 3 months ago #1 by Canada93

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    I have only pleasant but confusing dreams of my mother. She died 3 years ago by natural cause but I was only 25 years old. I deal with alot of emotions because of this. Last night I dreamt that we were together and going on about our day shopping and spending time together like we used too. But I had this awareness that she was going to die. I kept pleading with this unknown person to give me more time with her. So I kept enjoying my time and also suffering with this awareness that her death was soon to arrive. I remember seeing her so happy and like it was real life. Then I woke up and I'm just sitting here with these sad and angry thoughts of why does she always seem so happy in my dreams and why is she even in them. It hurts to see her so close and alive in my dreams. I can't tell that they aren't real either. I feel like im really with her and I keep forcing the dream to keep going so I get more time with her. Anyways if anyone has any thoughts or ideas on these recurring dreams I'm having I would be greatly appreciative of hearing it all. 

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