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Grandpa showed up in my dream, he was in the house he lived in when I was a kid

3 years 1 month ago #1 by Mamabear2014

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  • I would love some insight from anyone that could help. My grandpa passed away this year on December 4th. 2020. His birthday was only 3 days away. He had been fighting cancer for years. And ended up with covid. Passed away in the hospital. The last time I got to talk to him he told me he loved me. 

    It's been a few weeks since he passed away and last night was the first dream iv had with him in it. I remember it being at the house he lived in over 18 years ago when I was a child. Not the house he previously lived in.. My whole family was there. Carrying on like normal, but it was almost as if no one really knew he was there except me. I could see him and he could see me. But we couldn't speak to each other. He was completely silent. I didn't even speak to anyone else in the dream either. He looked normal, was sitting in his favorite spot on the couch wearing his flannel and his hat. I miss him terribly and he was the greatest man I have ever known. What does this dream mean? Is it normal to dream of the deceased and them not speak? He didn't look deceased in the dream. Looked alive and healthy. 

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