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Talking to deceased at a memorial service for a different person

3 years 7 months ago #1 by jmorrison199023

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  • This is going to be a gloriouse day, song announced by a younger me and was supposed to be sang by me for everyone standing all around in my hometown.

    Being at a memorial for someone who has passed on, seeing a young man who has passed on but not the one the memorial is for. 

    A weeny dog, brown, puppy I have to watch for someone, he has a tiny little flip flop for a toy he carries around. 

    Me standing with a kind of a line/ group of people, I was on one end of it, then I think someone announced my name or something causeing me to walk of suddenly from the group and all the people fall over when I do, I turn around and say oh sorry I didn't know I was that important to holding everyone up.

    Me talking to the young man who has passed on about the memorial of the other who has passed, about never seeing the one the memorial is for but seeing others who have passed at the memorial. I tell him I haven't ever seen him before and he says he's been here before. I tell him it's January 2020, and maybe I wasn't here last year but I think about it and say no last year was January 2019 I was here. While we both look through a window or dooorway. I ask him well what have you been doing since last year? He looks confused like he can't remember and disappeared.

    I'm in the den  in my old house when I was growing up, watching the puppy again. I am setting in the floor looking behind me through the sliding glass doors into the bedroom my dad built watching someone try to clean up a big mess the puppy made and having a difficult time with something maybe a mop or vacuum? The doors are shut I didn't see the lady's face though.

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