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Thoughts about dreaming of the deceased

3 years 8 months ago #1 by benignpeanuts

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  • Thoughts about dreaming of the deceased was created by benignpeanuts
    I read a few people's posts, and it seems this section of the website is rather... dead. No pun intended.  I'm not sure if I have to post a dream. I just wanted to post an idea and see if anyone else feels the same or have other thoughts though I don't expect much of a response, haha.

    I saw someone reply to another person's posts saying that we shouldn't think of our dreams with the deceased as anything more than what is happening to us in real life. I completely understand this thinking- we know ourselves more than we know the unknown. I guess my question then is, what is the harm in believing that we are in contact with them in some way? Especially if it brings comfort?

    For me, when my dreams are about my deceased parents, it brings me great joy (now) to see them happy and to go on about their "lives." I like to think I have a pretty vivid imagination so I can see them in a healthier state of their lives. I don't believe in a heaven or hell, much less reincarnation or other ideas of where we go in our afterlife. I think they're all very fascinating, and as such, I've imagined another dimension that they could be in. One where the deceased will go back to the body they most admired, felt best in, and continue a life they feel happy with. 

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