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4 years 4 months ago #1 by Cb22815

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    My Nan (grandmother) died just over 4 years ago. The first couple of years I’d frequently see her in my dreams, it could be just a strange scenario where she’d appear, an old memory I’d relive, nothing strange and usually very comforting. However the the last couple of years atleast once a month - sometimes more - I have the same dream every time with different situations, she’ll be back, in my dream I know she’s already dead and I get into a state because I’m freaked out that she’s back, I get time with her but I know that’s she’s going to die again, so for the whole of my dream I’m desperately trying to keep her alive (weird I know) sometimes  in my dreams she knows she’s died and we talk about what happened after her death other times she isn’t aware, but at the end of it every  single time she dies again and I have to relive the heart break. I get in to such a state, sometimes I wake up covered in sweat or in tears and spend the next day (like today) feeling so down and just like I did the morning I found out. Has anyone experienced this and maybe can give a little insight? 

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