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Deceased mother, but dreaming of her dying a different way.

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  • My mother is already gone, but I dreamt she was dying in a different way.  What does it mean?  I was visiting her with my daughter (her grandchild she never met).  I didnt know where she was when we got to her home.  My baby who is 15 months went towards a candle (my mom loved candles and would burn the scented ones all over her house).  Her 2nd cousins were playing in the living room and one of them picked her up before she touched the candle.  Then out from the couch I see my moms skinny arm reach over and touch the candle wick to put it out (she would never put candles out this was, she'd always blow them out).  She was skin and bones.  I opened her robe (she never wore a robe in her life) and she looked like she was 90, skin sagging.  She was a bit overweight, not by much but to see her like this was disturbing and devastating. She was saying the doctors don't know what's wrong with her and she doesn't want to eat anything and doesn't move from the couch. I hugged her and could feel her bones crack and then I woke up sobbing.  She didn't hold my baby or really acknowledge her except putting the candle out for her.  Now her actual death accorded during our vacation to Ghettyburg, what was thought to be food poisoning turned out to be a brain aneurysm and I witnessed the entire thing.  

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