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Deceased mother and other ghosts

4 years 4 months ago #1 by Nicholas_Kolaric

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  • Deceased mother and other ghosts was created by Nicholas_Kolaric
    i am writing this on behalf of my dad.
    He had a dream that his deceased mother appeared as a ghost. He hugged her and started to talk to her.

    He asked why did she not appear in his dreams since she died in july 2019 and only now appeared, she said that she had to do a few things first.
    She confirmed that there is a God and that he was not happy with my dad, and with what he was doing, whether now or in the past, it was not specified.
    She said that he will not be angry with my dad whenever he dies.

    Then my Grandmother who is alive appeared as a ghost. they didnt speak much. But my cousin who is also alive appeared as a ghost. My dad tried to tell people but no one could see her, so he took a photo with his phone and she appeared.

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