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Different but reoccurring dream

4 years 8 months ago #1 by SarahJayne934

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  • Different but reoccurring dream was created by SarahJayne934

    My grandfather passed away about a year and a half ago. Since then I have had a number of dreams which have included him. 

    The first was in the immediate aftermath of his passing. I had a dream where I could hear him desperately calling out for me. His voice was crystal clear, unmistakably his own. I could hear him but could never reach him no matter how hard a tried. I had this dream a few times before it got replaced my another one.  I’m not sure if it would help to have a bit of context but my grandfather wasn’t aware of how ill he was or he at least never showed it. He would often talk about his plans for the future, what he wanted to do with his family etc. It was as if he didn’t want to leave. 

    Shortly after I started having dreams where my grandfather was healthy but still wheelchair bound. I was frantically trying to get him out of a dangerous situation. I was struggling to push him, my family kept telling my to leave him and wouldn’t help me get him out of the situation. I would never give up and leave him but the dream never ended with me knowing if we escaped or not. I think this one rang too true to home, it is something that we have openly acknowledged but my father and uncle were fairly disinterested in my grandfather. They didn’t really ever help and seen him as a burden. My grandfather wasn’t at all easy to care for and made life hell for my Nan at times. She was no saint herself though but they could never see her faults only his. She was an angel the majority of times but got frustrated and did things that I thought was wrong, which I openly voiced with her. The responsibility fell on me to help look after him, take them to hospital appointments, cook for him if my Nan was away etc. I’m guessing but I am not sure that my real life and this dream are linked, maybe as a way of releasing my frustration?? 

    My last dream has only recently just happened. I was going to my Nans house to feed her cats as she was away.  When I arrived the door was open/ unlocked. Initially I was angry at the housekeeper who had been in earlier that morning and was about to tell my Nan what had happened when I noticed someone had been following my down the street at a distance. I went to see who it was and as I approached it was my grandfather looking much healthier and younger maybe in his 50s. The complete opposite to how he was when he passed. He was in cream clothing. Nothing was said between but I felt as if he was trying to make sure I was safe and he watching over my in the dream. It ended with me staring at home from the end of her driveway. The more I think about it the more he seemed to be my guardian angel. 

    This one is not an experience of my own. My little sister (she was 11 at the time) said she saw my grandfather sitting on her window ledge eating a slice of cake. This was shortly after he had passed. He was happy and healthy and it bought her a lot of comfort , I think because she could see he was no longer suffering. At first she said she was awake when she saw it but the more we spoke she said she could have been asleep but if she was it was vivid and felt real. She was in floods of tears after her experience I think more because of the shock and once we spoke about it she seemed much happier and more content. He had a particular soft spot for the two of us and we have often spoke as a family about these experiences. It is a general consensus that if he was to try and contact anyone it would be us two. Coincidentally we are the only two to have had any experiences with him after he had passed. 

    Would anyone be able to enlighten me on what any of this may mean? It have tried searching for them but I don’t seem to draw anything conclusive. May be that they are so specific and I may need to look at broader topics. Could they be visitation dreams? I have a feeling that some of the ones I have had may be more me processing my emotions. 

    Sorry if that was a bit rambling, I wanted to give as much info as possible. Thank you I’m advance for anything you May be able to do to enlighten me. 

    Best Wishes 
    Sarah (23)

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