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    Hello! I had a dream last night that I just cannot shake. I rarely have dreams that I remember. Much less this vivid. In my dream my husband and I were at a beach. But we were standing on a cement sidewalk that follows along the edge of the beach. There was people around, but not a large crowd. All of a sudden I’m the sky drawings started appearing. The color of the drawing I would best describe as the color of a henna tattoo. The first design to appear was a henna tattoo type design. Then it faded. Then it became drawings of people from history. I remember one was a silhouette of Abraham Lincoln, and a few others but the one I honed in on was of Albert Einstein and I remember in my dream my husband goes “wait! This is a message for YOU!” How we determined that, I do not know. Anyway this artwork spanned the whole sky. And I remember the sun was going down behind it. Next thing I know, us and the crown of people were in a room. And we were watching a easel of paper that this artwork continued to keep appearing on. I was standing up front as the pictures and what appeared to be either Hebrew or Hindu writing kept appearing on as well. I read nor speak either so I don’t know what was being said. I felt a very large, stern (but not at all mean) presence come up behind me and put its arm around me on my shoulder. I couldn’t see it at all. It picked me up, turned me around and set me on the table. I remember being startled but not scared. It laid me back and just kind of held me there what felt like with one hand. It was firm but not aggressive. Like it was trying to make a point that it wanted me to sit still but didn’t want to hurt me. Next thing I know on the paper on the easel my face was being sketched. At that point I realized this entity was setting me there to draw me. I felt a sense of love and admiration but more of almost a romantic sense of love and admiration. The dream ended with us standing back on the beach and hebrew or Hindu type writing going across the sky but in English underneath it, it said “my love...” I was woke up by a phone call at that point but I felt like I didn’t want the dream to end.

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