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Recurring dreams of my mother dying

4 years 8 months ago #1 by DTG

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  • My mother passed away in 2014, very suddenly. As her carer, I was closer to her than anyone & her death hit me hard. I tried counselling, but just talking about things made me even worse.

    now for the past few months, sleep is impossible without a dream of screaming arguing/bad feelings towards her, and then she dies and I go through it all again. every night this happens, sometimes more than once. I find myself forcing myself to stay awake out of fear of this.

    its started creeping into my daily life as I can’t shift the thoughts and I’m miserable to be around. I sometimes feel she’s haunting me, as ludicrous as that sounds & again, as stupid as it sounds, I sometimes feel my brain is trying to make me hate her.

    Just wondered if anyone went through or is going through the same.

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