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    Hi all, I’m new, I’ve signed up because I simply need to ask this question. I’m a complete believer in the supernatural and dreams have meanings etc but nothing that’s ever happened to me. 

    So.. my grandad who I was very very close with and loved with all my heart suddenly died when I was 14 (I’m now 29).. I had a very clear dream about him last night which I very rarely get, I dreamed I ran up to him and hugged him so hard, It was like I remembered how he felt and how he smelt and what all his features looked like, it was absolute bliss. When I woke up my 3 kids got in my bed and I said to them “oh I had the most lovely dream about grandad last night” to which my 3 year old said “who? Grandad phill?” Now I know I talk about him now and again to the kids and she’s heard his name before but she has her own grandads that she’s met and sees on a regular basis, what on earth would make her think to say my ‘grandad phill’. I miss him terribly still, I feel almost as though she had experienced something too, to have known that.. possible?

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    I'm sitting here trying to let you know what I know and yet there's so much to tell you. 

    I communicate with my dead relatives.  Sometimes they work wiith me in my drams.  Other times I feel them beside me.  However, that isn't the message I want to give you.  Why not?

    What I've learnt is we live in a virtual reality.  Science is slowly moving towards this.  Google "double slit experiment", "Erasure experiment", "Wheelers thought experiment" and "digital physics."  I have a old physicist friend who tells me he's 90% sure we live in a virtual reality.

    Next, I've learnt before we incarnate, we very carefully choose the time, family, life circumstances, challenges and perhaps most importantly, our personality.  When we incarnate into the virtual reality, we intentionally forget who we really are.  Our personality, is a consciousness filter, filtering out most of our greater reality, i.e. the bigger "I".  

    I tell you all of this because outside of the virtual reality we live in, there is a different set of times.  There's also an ulimited number of other realities.

    When we die, we recall who we really are.  The analogy I use to explain it is it's like us, after we die, sitting at the top of a large amphitheatre, looking down at this whopper sized stage.  As we sit there, we can see all our life from beginning to end.  

    The folks who are "dead" have this perspective.  They can see all our probable futures.  So, they know when we need them.  However, there's usually a catch.

    The VR ruleset is we have free choice in the VR.  Thus, it's up to each of us to learn to make our own choices.  This means that even if a "dead" loved one can see we are making very, very poor choices resulting in our pain, sickness, death, etc. they can't assist directly.  Thus, most, but not all communications, are supportive from dead loved ones.

    Now, let's bring this back to your dead granddad and then talk about your kids.

    Your grandfather can see your whole life from his perspective.  It's important to note that he decided now to come visit you.  It's even more interesting that you were ready for his visit, i.e. you are listening to yourself.  I suspect, but don't know, he's worked with you in your dreams over the years but, you forget upon awakening.

    There's a reason he and you are coming together now.  Well, actually I "feel" there are several reasons.  If I was you I would meditate on this.  Which leads me to my next question "Do you meditate?"

    Meditation and dreams are two of the most powerful ways to learn about oneself.  Yet, sadly, most people don't.  If you don't meditate, i have a website,, where I have a list of many different meditation techniques.  It really doesn't matter which one you use.  Simply find one that works for you and then do it for 10-15 minutes each and every day, each week, each month, each year.  If you have sustained intent, you'll find you'll learn LOTS about yourself.

    If this was my experience, I would meditate on my grandfather, asking him to show me what I need to be working on.  Be patient.  He will assist you.

    Now let's discuss your kids...

    Young kids are generally more open to spiritual communication than adults.  Thus, they are more in tune with their greater self.  It therefore comes as no surprise to me that your 3 year old new who had just visited you.  

    There's an old saying by an entity named Silver Birch "When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  You now have your grandfather and son teaching you!

    Before I leave you, I also feel compelled to recommend to you the folliowing books:
    * Flatland - a book written by a minister about a sphere interacting with a two dimensional entiy
    * Oversoul Seven books - written by Jane Roberts, it's the story of an oversourl and some of his lves
    * Michael, My Essence - a very interesting book by a psychiatrist and his multiple personality disorder patients
    * Your Soul's Plan by Robert Schwartz

    Those are the books that "came to me".  If you don't want to read them, that's fine.  However, I feel you need to spiritually stretch yourself, which is why your grandfather showed up, leading you to post your dream here.

    i hope this helps you in some way.

    With kind regards,

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