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Dream of friend’s late wife telling me it’s okay.

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  • Backstory first: I am an oncology nurse and took care of a special patient during October-November 2017. We bonded, and we’d pray together often She passed away at the end of November. Fast forward to August 2018, her husband who was always present, reached out to me on social media to thank me for all the care I provided. Next thing I know, we are talking non-stop and building a romantic connection. We are all devoted Christians and share God’s word together often. He told me a few weeks ago he needed to take a step back from “us” (we aren’t together) so that he can work through his feelings of her death anniversary coming up. He was feeling some guilt for moving on. I have Totally understood and have tried to be very patien with him in this process. He told me he’d like to reasses “us” after the end of the year when he gets through this hurdle. But we still talk almost daily, just not romantically. He is incredible. We have so much in common, and he treats me with so much respect and consideration. We have also been seeing rainbows on the same days. I have seen more rainbows over the past month than I have my entire life. We have such a connection with each other that can’t be explained. It’s incredible.

    Here’s the dream:
    My friend’s late wife and I were sitting together and having a cup of tea and she said “I’m trying to tell him that it’s okay and I won’t be upset but he’s not listening right now” I asked her about what and she didn’t answer me, then she said “he can’t be forced into anything. Give him some time. Goodness I love them (they have 2 sons) and only want the best. Thank you” I started to say something and she said “I have to go” and she was gone....I started crying and asking where she went, and I started running and yelling my friend’s name. I have no idea where I was. And then I woke up. But for a lot of the dream, we were sitting together laughing and talking but I couldnt hear what we were saying until she started telling me about my friend.

    I am a 31 year old nurse who recently graduated from nursing school. In between between jobs as I left my job in oncology (unfortunately). I have had an extremely stressful year and got out of a relationship with someone I was going to marry, who treated me like gold, but his ex wife tried to kill me and turned their kids against me, so we broke up (very long story short) It was the worst break up I’ve had... shortly after is when my friend sent me the message in August and we connected. Money is extremely tight because of my career situation. My family life has been rough as we found out I have some family on drugs. I am Very strong with my faith in God and try to lean on Him for understanding. But I simply can’t make sense of this.

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