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HELP - Old dream and never thought id have it agai

8 years 9 months ago - 8 years 9 months ago #1 by mwradke

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  • Ok so flat out ive had this dream before, like years and years ago. Long enough where I didn't realize ive had it until I have woken up.

    So to start i get these flashes of this party and visuals but then I'm in my own body, seeing the aftermath of this party as if I am there, but its night, no ones in sight, not a breathing soul anywhere, no animals just the objects and the house of my neighbors, and these presents and other things are just there. So I start walking around touching each gift and these 2 wine glasses, I don't know why I grab them but I do, and I did it before when I previously had this dream as well years ago and I get these flashes of what happened with these wine glasses, my friends mom drank to much and made herself embaress her son. But than I go to try and put them back in the house, its in the middle of the night and I don't understand why I would do this. but I do, its familiar place, its honestly an old friends house, but I start walking up the stairs and Im focusing on these glasses when I get to the top and i turn left to look over the banister and I stop. Before I could do anything else I hear an explosion and the explosion hits my body, like a shockwave turning my body toward the shooter who is blurred but within a split second im on the ground on my side and i feel the hard hit of the floor. Than a flash of white light and it replays the shooting and its a man in sweats, a shirt, and a barrel (shotgun) in his hand standing there blurred out where I cant make him out. But I felt the explosion and shockwave through my body, I felt the hard edge of the ground through my bones, and I felt the top right center of my crown explode. I don't understand. I really dont and I just want some clarification on this please.

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    8 years 8 months ago - 8 years 8 months ago #2 by Stella

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  • Dreams are symbolic reflections of your feelings about your waking life at the time you had the dream. Without knowing the waking life background that caused your dream, it's hard to be precise about its meaning. That being said, knowing the meaning of the key symbols in your dream should help you connect the dots.

    Here are links to the dream dictionary definitions on this website:

    drugs (variation of alcohol, symbolized by the wine glasses):
    attacker (variation of gunman):

    The setting of your dream (neighbor's and friend's house) suggest that your dream is about a social situation in your life. The circumstances of a party, wine glasses and presents suggest that there has been some celebrating going on... but it's over and no one is there. Out of nowhere, there is an explosion. This is your subconscious mind alerting you to an explosive situation in your waking and most likely in your social life... one that could go off at any time. The culprit/threat to you and your emotional world would seem to be the man with the shotgun. You don't recognize him in your dream, which is either a clue that you don't know who he is (but you're worried that a man will destroy your social life) or your mind is protecting you from his identity or acknowledging that he is dangerous. Given the social setting and the "party" atmosphere (now long over), does anyone you know make you feel threatened and afraid that they or your world will explode because of him?

    The fact that this dream has occurred before, suggests that you have experienced something like this before in your life. Try to think back to when you first had that dream and consider who might have caused you to have it then. It might just help you identify the person and/or situation that recently caused your dream.

    I hope that helps.
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