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Not really sure what to make of this..

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  • Hi all, Sorry if this is a bit long.. I was having these dreams pretty much every night for a long time. Lately it's not as often (right now I seem to mostly be dreaming about going out without any shoes although that's a bit easier to interpret with a quick google search) but I still have the dream occasionally.
    Basically it starts out fairly normal, I'm in my family's home, I currently live on my own but in the dream I live with my family, and the house has elements of different houses I've lived in as well as some friends' houses (at least for this part of the dream). My father and brother and some of my brothers' friends will be in the house and sooner or later my dad will announce that he's going out, which is where it starts to get weird. all of a sudden I get the sense that the house is in the middle of a large field, essentially in the middle of nowhere. and that something about this is very dangerous. I go to lock all the doors and become increasignly nervous, I sense something is trying to get in the house but I can't see it only feel it. I start climbing up the stairs (I'm in the basement at this point) and go up several stories as the house is unnaturally tall, and as I get to the higher stories the house becomes something I don't recognize anymore, it seems like there is just an infinite staircase with crawlspaces at each landing, and the walls are blood red. I'm terrified at this point and start crawling into a crawlspace, I don't know if this is the point where I always wake up but I can't remember anything beyond this point. sometimes the dream is a little different but this is the basic stuff that usually happens. I should probably add two things tho: 1. in some of the dreams I try to escape either through woods surrounding the house (I've always lived in cities) or thru some sort of strange tunnel-like room/passageway thing, and for some reason when I'm doing this in the dream I am the most terrified. Also, once things start to go awry in the dream (ie. after my dad leaves) I all of a sudden get a overwhelming sense of deja vu, like my dream self is remembering all the times I've been thru this before and there's a series of steps I now need to carry out (i.e. locking the doors, climbing the stairs, etc.) anyways sorry if the was too long/detailed and confusing, I just didn't know how to shorten it..
    any info would be greatly appreciated :)

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  • Dreams are symbolic expressions of our feelings about our waking life at the time that we had them. Without knowing the waking life background that generated your dream, it's hard to say what generated it. Nevertheless, there are a number of clues via the symbols that should help you identify its genesis. With recurring dreams, you always want to think back to when the dream first started. Dreams recur because the emotional issue remains present, either because it has been unrecognized, ignored or unaddressed, and thus remains unresolved. Here's a link to its definition on this website:

    Here are links to definitions of the key symbols in your dream on this website:

    room (var of crawlspace):

    There are numerous clues that your dream relates to a family or parental issue due to its location (the family house) and the people in the dream (most notably your father and brother). Your feelings IN the dream are another important clue as to its subject, and most notably, how you feel about it. Feelings in dream are never disguised, so how you feel IN your dream is now you really feel about its subject in your waking life.

    In your dream, you feel scared/terrified, nervous and trapped. The question to ask yourself is what situation in your waking life is making you feel that way. You may not consciously realize that you feel that way or that strongly about the subject of your dream. That could explain why you have not yet taken action in your waking life to address the issue. Your dream/nightmare is a call to action.

    If you wouldn't mind sharing what was going on in your waking life when you first had the dream, you are likely to get a more specific and accurate interpretation. In the meantime, I hope that this has been helpful.

    Happy New Year!
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