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Insect nest attached to body.

9 years 11 months ago #1 by InsomniacMan

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  • Insect nest attached to body. was created by InsomniacMan
    In the dream I was around some people who I don't recall recognising. We were outside and it was sunny, there were insects flying around. Some one next to me got attacked by some insects and I tried to help them only for someone to point out that a load of insects had swarmed on my upper leg and groin. I tried to swipe them all away but after a few moments of this it became clear that around my entire pelvis and groin a thick dark insect nest was there, similar in design to hornet's or wasp's nests.
    I was frantically clawing pieces of the nest away but inside there were no insects there and before I could finish removing it I woke up.

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    9 years 11 months ago #2 by CC

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  • Replied by CC on topic Insect nest attached to body.
    Insects are a common dream symbol. Here's a link to the definition on this website:


    wasp (var. of bee):

    Dreams are symbolic expressions of your feelings about your waking life at the time you had the dream. So, try to ID who was "bugging" you at the time... perhaps others first, and then you. There are few other clues in your dream which might help you identify him/her/them. These "bugs" are trying to "nest" near your groin, which in addition to suggesting that there may be a sexual component to your relationship with that person(s), may suggest that that person(s) is being more intimate with you than you would like.

    The final image in your dream of you trying "frantically" to get them away from your "private area" and there being "no insects there" could be an acknowledgement that those "bugs" are not being successful in getting close to you, because they really aren't there.

    The best clue is how you felt IN the dream. Feelings in dreams are never disguised, so how you feel in the dream is how you really feel about its subject in your waking life. Who makes you feel as if you are being attacked or encroached upon?

    Hope that helps!

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