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Dream of benig Shot

11 years 1 month ago - 11 years 1 month ago #1 by peacockfreak

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  • Dream of benig Shot was created by peacockfreak
    Okay so i had this dream and ive been having it over the last couple of night! ><

    my friend was staying over and her ex came and tried to kill her he snuck in during the night. i saw he had some sort of cord wraped around her neck and her lips were like blue and i jumped in pushed him off her and screamed at him to get out and he just turned to me after i told him to get out and said that was a big mistake and pulled out a gun. He then aimed it at me and shot at me and i had like shut my eyes but i didnt feel anythng so i opened them and saw he hadnt shot me. He had the biggest smile on his face and i was like what because i was confused and he was like oh the gun wasn't loaded just then i just wanted to freak you out first and then i looked back at the gun and saw he was loading it. He then looked at my friend and saw she was pretty much half unconcious and said this is your fault and shot me she cried out begging him to stop she started crying and i just looked down and started to feel the bullet very very slowly move through my abdoman as blood came out. he ran off and she slowly made her way to me and was applying pressure to the wound and just as i slipped into unconciousness i woke up.

    Can someone help me make sense of it PLEASE?

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    11 years 1 month ago - 11 years 1 month ago #2 by Stella

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  • Replied by Stella on topic Dream of benig Shot
    Dreams are self-created, symbolic reflections of your feelings, thoughts and awarenesses about your waking life. Your dream clearly reflects your concern about your friend and her relationship with her ex, not that he will do what you dreamed literally, but how you feel he has or will treat her symbolically. The symbols in your dream tell the story. Here are links to their definitions on this website:


    Your dream reflects your awareness of the ex's anger and your concern about the emotional injury he will, has or might do to your friend and even you, perhaps because you have stood by her or defend her(?) The ex comes out of the darkness because, symbolically, you really don't know where he's coming from. His strangling of her in the dream reflects your sense that he wants to "choke off" what she might be saying about him. The fact that he doesn't pretends to shoot your friend may reflect your awareness that he wouldn't really hurt her. However, when he turns the gun on you and shoots, that suggests that you are concerned that he might be able to do you some emotional injury, which might range from dissing you with his friends to being spiteful for supporting your friend. As the dreamer, only you will know for sure.

    Your dream is a wake up call to protect yourself emotionally from the fallout resulting from your friend's breakup with her ex.

    Hope that helps!
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