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Please... help.

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  • Please... help. was created by LeaKatheryn
    A little background first: I come from a family of dreamers. We sleep walk, have dreams that come true, dream share, have lucid dreams, and such.

    We are usually pretty good at figuring out dreams and their meanings or knowing if they are dreams that are trying to tell us something or might be visions of something to come, but my mother had a strange and horrible dream about my 5 year old daughter the other night: My mother dreamt that we were standing on a pier somewhere and my daughter was looking over the edge into the water and a shark came up out of the water and bit her entire head off.

    Then my sister had a similar dream about 3 nights later about her son (my 14 year old nephew). She dreamt that we were at a dinasour museum and one of them came alive and ate him whole.

    The thing is neither had told one another about the dreams until one day this week when we were all talking and it came up. The dreams just happened last week.

    We are a very close family and we all spend a lot of time together. My daughter is an only child but has a cousin over almost every day and night. My mother is an excellent grandmother and spends a lot of time with her grandkids. My mother and I are close as well... just can not figure this one out.

    Thanks for any help or ideas. :)


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