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Abused/deformed little girls

11 years 5 months ago #1 by mrsflores

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    Hello, in the last two weeks I've had three separate dreams about young girls ranging 5-8 yrs old. The first one was of a girl hanging from a rope by one of her legs going around the room on a conveyor belt. She was just looking at me and smiling and said nothing. The second dream was of a girl in the hospital who had a deformed face. She asked me if I thought she was beautiful, I told her "no", but that I thought she had a lovely personality. However as the dream progressed she ended up being evil and tried to make me come with her somewhere, not sure where, but I knew I shouldn't go. The third dream was most upsetting. I was working in a Thai restaurant and I noticed one of the big bosses had a little girl sent to him to be used for his pleasure. I could hear the girl's screams and crying, and I could tell they were beating her badly. The whole time I wanted to do something about it, but I couldn't because I was overwhelmed with a fear that they would kill me if I interfered. I wished that she would die soon so she didn't have to suffer any more. Towards the end of my dream I broke into a locker and got the man's wallet and stole his I.D. thinking I might be able to turn him in at some point. However, I woke up.
    Please help me understand why these little girls keep appearing, and why I feel so helpless when it comes to rescuing them. :(

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