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Haunted house and Dying Kittens

11 years 6 months ago #1 by anprescott

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    I was in an older haunted house with a lady who was supposed to be my cousin. She was talking to me and went up to the attic to sacrifice herself to the evil spirit. I wanted to save her. My mom, step-dad, and siblings showed up in the cousins room with me. My mom said every thing would be okay she wasn't panicking like everyone else was. my mom said she would cleanse the house with sage and spells to banish the evil spirit and save the cousin. my step-dad was worried about her banishing the spirit. he was worried that by her banishing the spirit that bad things would come to them. He mentioned a previous experience where buying tequila caused bad things to happen. my mom said it would all be fine. my brother and i started to go up to the attic to get the cousin but we were unable to go up or open the door. my mom opened up a closet in the room and behind some random things was several dying kittens covered in maggots. we ended up in my moms room with the kittens. i was petting an orange kitten and was disgusted when i noticed it still had a maggot on it. i pulled back from petting the kitten and noticed that i had maggots on my arm. i tried to brush them off but one of the maggots bit me. then i woke up

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