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Both-flies under my skin!!

12 years 8 months ago #1 by Snickers

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  • Both-flies under my skin!! was created by Snickers
    Another absolutely disgusting dream. I'm 22. In my dream, I and my high-school friends and other random people were in this house near by the forest. I notice a little pimple on my right breast. I thought it was a common pimple, so I pressed it with my fingers. A huge both-fly came out, and there were more inside. At the end, I have removed about 15 of them from my right breast. They had eaten away my inside of breast and the skin was loosely hanging about.

    Later on in the same dream, my ex-boyfriend came up and tried to make me watch porn with him. I refused and he kept begging. I got up and left, since I had to be on this elephant parade. There were about 20 black elephants decorated and walking down the street. We were running and playing under their legs. In my mind, I kept thinking about my breast and kept looking under my shirt, in the hole they had made. There were more inside..... :(

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