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Losing grip on my Sanity.. Please Help!

11 years 10 months ago #1 by Dreamborne

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  • Losing grip on my Sanity.. Please Help! was created by Dreamborne
    Okay if anyone can help me out please, I'd really appreciate it. The dream I had last night left me a bit, unhinged. It was a long nightmare so I won't post the whole thing and I'll summarize.

    ........Basically it begins with me in a group of significant people from my past. It transitions when I begin talking to my old childhood best friend and now I find myself at my high school graduation. SideNote: Less than good childhood and highschool experience. Rather traumatic actually and has been a reoccurring theme in my nightmares. Skip ahead and I find out a good friend of mine will be going to my college. So we go to college together the first day of moving in and after the first day I find myself somewhere in the town and I see my mother. When I see her, I greet her and tell her about my day and she tells me that could not have been, I've been with her the whole day. Puzzled, I think the situation through as we head to a hotel, I randomly talk about some things I see and she claims to not be seeing them. At this point, the whole situation is very disconcerting- to say the least. She suggests I rest a bit and I do.
    ........Next thing I know is I wake up at my grandmother's house. Groggy and disoriented, I stumble around looking for my mother for answers. I run into both my aunt and uncle who are now younger versions of themselves. Slightly freaked out, I continue my search and finally find my mother. I tell her about my aunt and uncle, who at this point are standing right next to me, and she frankly tells me that they aren't here right now. I look over at them and they simply just smile at me. Really creeped out, I try and change the topic. She then asks if I'm even going to say hi to my grandmother who is apparently standing right beside her. I don't see her at all, but I say hello despite me not being able to see or hear her.
    ........Then I find myself sitting in the back seat of a car with my mother driving and my (still unseen) grandmother in the passenger seat. I'm just trying to make sense of it all as my mom holds a conversation with grandmother who I still can't hear. We're driving through what now looks like my childhood neighborhood when I see a man injured in the middle of the road. I yell at my mom desperately to stop and that I may be able to help him with my CPR training. He is grabbing his leg and rocking back and forth in pain. To my surprise, she notices him and begins to slow down. But as we near him, she keeps on driving! The car rocks up and down as we drive over the man's body. She half-heartedly is remorseful but soon begins talking to my grandmother again. I'm in a state of shock now and couldn't believe what I had just experienced. But even worse, as I'm freaking out, the situation repeats itself. Another man appears on the road in the distance and I cry out to my mother to stop the car. The same thing occurs but she isn't the least bit remorseful anymore. At this point I wake up from sheer shock.

    Please forgive the length of this entry, please if anyone can help. If you have to just read tid-bits of the story, please do- any help is appreciated.. This dream was very unsettling, any interpretation is welcome here. This dream, in combination of the one I had the night before, is really worrisome. A quick summary of the one the night before is I was in a museum during a pandemic. We were undergoing a quarantine and being held there and it was chaos between staying away from the people who were infected. The diseased people bled from their eyes and seemed to become infatuated with whoever they saw. Just as the dream finished I caught the virus and my vision turned upside-down. Please help!!

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