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    My boy friend and I have been dating for almost 2 years now and last year we took a trip to Las Vegas with his family. It was such a great trip and we had SO much fun! In my dream last night, we were going to vegas again and on the plane ride home, we found out that our plane was being hijacked and all of us were able to get off of the plane, except for my boyfriend, jack. He was able to get a second chance somehow, and we lived that year again, but we had to relive the airplane ride, and we were never able to tell him what happened because that would be cheating death and messing with fate. So we got on the airplane again and we couldn't tell him it was about to be hijacked and I was so scared, and so sad and we finally ended up getting off the plane, and the next thing I remember is that I was in his parents' car and we were calling him and he was at home and he never actually went on the trip with us because we didn't want to risk him not being able to get off of the plane.

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