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Sleep paralysis in a dream

2 years 7 months ago #1 by Elena_skll

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  • Sleep paralysis in a dream was created by Elena_skll
    In my dream i was in my house in greece, with my mom for some reason sleeping on the bed next to me, but it felt real like i was actually there. Then i felt a presence walking in to the room, after this presence entered i couldn't move my body or talk, i was having sleep paralysis in my dream. My body was then being dragged out of the bed, without anyone touching me, it was as if a ghost was pulling me, when i realised i couldn't scream for my mom, i stopped and tried to calm myself, and instead of fearing it i tried to show it love. Thats when i felt a lot of pressure relief, and i finally opened my eyes. It was a woman that was smiling very weirdly and she was holding a sort of sign, that said yes on one end and no on the other. I didn't understand but thats when my mom woke up and this woman started running away. This could be a good thing but in that moment i looked out the window and saw another girl sleeping, thats when i realised she was asking if she could take me or she would take someone else. I started running after her and hugged her, seen as love stopped her before, but she still had that weird smile on her face , i couldn't shake of the fear she still gave me. And then i was suddenly back in my room, the real me, and yet i was still scared to open my eyes but the realisation of this whole thing kicked in and i started remembering that this all was indeed just a dream, yet i couldn't forget the feeling of not being able to move. Also after waking up i started analysing my dream and i got this feeling that we, me and my mom were actually looking for this ghost, entity, whatever it was, but i dont know why.

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