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Same dream as someone about dead relative

2 years 8 months ago #1 by BMarie

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  • I know how mental this is going to sound but I swear to god I had the most intense dream about  my grandad we were all there and could see him it was in a massive sloped field that went on for miles I recognised it but I don’t know where it is ive been before I swear but he was young again but I still knew it was him he was running round healthy and stuff he was with 2 other people I couldn’t see their faces I tried to run up to him but it was like their was a barrier and I couldn’t get through to go to see him it was like there was some force that wouldn’t let me run to him and I woke up and I swear to god I could smell his scent I know this sounds totally crazy but  I never knew what my grandad looked like young but I knew it was him but here’s the scary bit I phoned my dad my grandads son and he told me he had the exact same dream nearly 8 years ago when my grandad died 

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