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An intruder in my own home

3 years 1 month ago #1 by caitlinjh

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  • An intruder in my own home was created by caitlinjh
    I remember me and three other people (all strangers) hiding at my house, we were outside but it wasn’t actually MY HOUSE, somebody else
    owned it, a man. It was like we were squatting on the property. After a while we saw the lights of a car driving into the property and tried to run and we had to go under a fence but I kept getting caught on the barbed wire so I just hid behind the tree. But then the owner of the house saw me and I did the whole ‘wait let me try to explain’ thing, then he said he was going to get his gun and was yelling at us that we were trespassing and to get off his property. Then I was trying to leave without him hurting me, cautiously walking backwards, crouched and with my hands in front of me in a submissive way and he threw petrol at me, there was already petrol on fire on the ground around me and he kept following me and throwing more on me while I was trying to get away. The last thing I remember is being covered in petrol but not actually being on fire.

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