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  • Weird Gorey Nightmare was created by Tizri
    I was on a ship and for some reason there was like no gravity on the ship. And I was being attacked and fighting different martial artists until only one other martial artist remained. I was winning but then he punched me in the gut and the pain felt wrong, I lifted up my shirt to see if I was bruising but instead saw that now I had small iron nails imbedded in my abdomen and breasts. I looked up at the man and demanded to know why, but he never answered he simply smiled and turned away like he had won. I took my thumb and forefinger, and grabbed on to the head of one of the nails pulling it out gingerly and hissing at the pain. Once I pulled it out it had pulled skin out as well like a tube of skin and it was agonizing. I tried to push it back in and it kind of worked but there was still a raised area. Noticing all of the other nails I decided that like a Band-Aid I would rip them out quick. And so I did and it hurt a lot in my dream. I thought that in dreams you weren't supposed to be in pain but this one I was in agony. After I had pulled out all of the nails I stood and called out to the man again. He turned around and looked at me in surprise. He said that I had earned the win in that he respected me and so he threw me his shirt to clean up the blood with. And I did and I felt a sense of camaraderie with him even though he had inflicted such pain. Then the ship let out a loud horn sound and I knew we had arrived at our destination. Getting out of the boat I was suddenly in a mine filled with dwarves like d&d fantasy style. I was given many planks and told to set up shop because apparently I was a merchant. And I did I set up shop as good as I could but it wasn't good enough. My little stall that I was building kept falling over, the other dwarfs looked at me in pity but did nothing to help. Then the mine shook and I thought it was a caving and I looked around to see everyone else had left and I was all alone and it was getting darker in the mine. I Heard a voice call out and I needed to run and hide. And so I left my little sorry excuse for a stall, and ran deeper to the mine. It took me a moment to realize when the mine had changed into some sort of maze made out of what look to be brightly colored blocks, paper, and oozing ink. I could hear something chasing me and I looked down to realize I was in a dress, the big poofy kind where you couldn't see your feet. I kept tripping over the dress and falling on my face. After a few times with that I fell once more on my face and I heard whatever it was chasing me stop right behind me and I felt large hands wrap around my form. I screamed but when the hand shook me I went quiet. It was dark and I couldn't see what held me. But I Heard a voice the same voice I told me to run, it asked me why I kept falling and I replied at the dress was in my way I kept tripping over the dress. It laughed at me, and strip the dress from me and then put me down on my feet and told me to run and not fall this time. It wanted a good chase. I didn't move and I heard a growl. I told it I can't run naked, and it slashed me across my cheek, leaving a hash and causing me to bolt. This time I didn't fall but I was so frantic trying to run and it was chasing me again. It never seemed to get closer but I couldn't seem to lose it. Then at the end of one of the Halls finally I saw a door, somehow I knew it was my salvation from this nightmare. And I ran harder than I've ever read in my life to the door hearing whatever it was chasing me swearing at me. I talked to the door and threw myself inside. Only to find myself at the beginning of the maze again. I heard the voice laugh behind me and say welcome back before I screamed and jolted awake.

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