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3 years 2 months ago #1 by Alex13

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  • Open grave was created by Alex13
    Hi everyone. I am knew here and I wanted to know your opinion about this dream. 
    So I have had nightmares for 2 years now and it really exhausts me so I was wondering if my dreams have any meaning. last night I dreamed that the graves at our local cemetery were all open and I saw people lying in coffins that were broken. these are people who died but whom I know. For example my grandmother, my neighbor... At one point I also saw my sister there , who is alive in the real world, rising from the grave in the decay phase, laughing at me and running after me trying to hug me. While I was running, I tried to wake up from sleep, but it was very difficult and then I woke up traumatized and too tired ... does this dream have any meaning, what do you think?

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