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    I had a nightmare where I was on a ship. The ship wasn't modern. It was most likely from the 18th century, but I'm not sure. Aesthetic-wise, it definitely looked like those paintings of 18th-century ships, but I don't know about the interior workings.  
    Everything around me was tinged red. The moon, the ship, my hands, the sea. Everything. 
    It was stormy, and the waves were enormous. For some reason, I was the one at the helm. Even stranger was that the helm looked like it was on the interior of the ship and facing out of a window, but I was still able to steer in the right directions. Another strange thing, the rest of the crew had bright red blindfolds on. I was the only one without a blindfold. 
    So I was at the helm, and I was trying to steer the ship through the storm with my creepy, blindfolded crew (they didn't talk to me). It was probably the single most terrifying thing that I had ever dreamt about. The waves were completely out of control, and I thought that at any moment, I might die. Another strange thing, while I was at the helm, I couldn't stand. I was kneeling. I suspect that I may have been chained for some reason, but I'm not sure. That detail was lost in all the chaos from the storm. 
    In the end, though, I managed to make it through the storm. But I don't think I was happy to be alive. The sea was still red, and it was still night.
    I wonder what this dream means?

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