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    question about my dream... I was at a big white mansion with a friend who is in real life a visionary, we were in the house i go downstairs and outside and theres three unknowen men argueing and one man kills the other by gun shot and throws his body under a car i witnessed the whole thing then ran, i go back into house and i am scared i go upstairs to talk to my friend then i invite 4 people over who were men i know in real life they are in a blue surburban. they all come into house i sneak them in cause my friend whos house it is does not like them so more drama happens when they come just havoc chaos one man was holding a big bag of drugs in his hand (weed) i said get that out of here he just laughed at me so somthing happened they went outside and got into suburban truck and eneded up drivng crazy in the truck speeding etc tires squeeling it was snow on ground. the police showed up one gentelman either shot the cop or killed him i was running around scared not knowing what to do then i had a sence someone was following or looking for me. The cops came to house trying to find them and went all threw this house then as i am in the house talking to police i hear gun shots a couple blocks away. Then i woke up terrified for real....

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