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  • Nightmare? was created by paterllucifer
    It was from the pov of a little girl. Her and her friend were walking down the street, and the little girl looked away, and when she looked back, her friend was being brought away on bus. The friend whispered an address, and the little girl went to go find her friend. She went to the location, and it was just a giant hole in the ground. The little girl just jumped down, but there were a fuck ton of spider webs, so she didnt fall all the way down (becuase logic-). There were a lot of spiders, but the little girl just kept pushing her way through the webs. There were dead bodies in the cave/well/thing, either trying to get out, or in. On the way down, the little girl found some teen. the teen was alive, and the little girl asked her what she was doing. The teen said she was looking for her friend, and the little girl said she was doing the same. Eventually, the little girl and the teen got to the bottom. It looked like an abandoned dentists/doctors office. It was dark, and from one of the corners, the little girl heard whispers like, "You shouldn't be here", and, "Help", and other things like that. Then the teen said something I can't remember from behind the little girl, and I remember feeling like I was being literally stabbed in the back, and then I woke up.

    Another thing (idk if this is important-), I always know when I'm dreaming, because they never really feel like dreams, they feel more like movies, or memories being played back to me, and i cant change anything about them.

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