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    Hi everyone this is my first post! I’m going to try and share my dreams, this will be like a public dream journal for me so I can remember future dreams! 

    I’m and 18 yr old transgender male (FTM) and this is the first time I’ve had this nightmare. 

    I was watching an odd horror movie where people’s faces were getting deformed and gore-y, people’s mouths were getting stitched up, their eye sockets, etc.. The scene in the movie changed to a parking lot and I realized I was in said parking lot. There were creatures going after people and one in particular stood out, it was a praying mantis but I couldn’t see it’s legs, only it’s signature arms, and it’s eyes and mouth were stitched and it was dark green, black and was very tall and I could see it over cars. I hid and eventually found a group of people and we all snuck into some hotel/casino when it became day time. For some reason we insisted on changing our clothes so the creatures couldn’t recognize us so we started stealing clothes from a couch area and an employee stoped is and we tried to explain what was happening but obviously scary creatures coming after us just makes us sounds crazy. So she kicked me and one other girl out and we hid in odd box structure and it became nighttime and the creatures came out, there was a dog who was out there growling at the creatures and that’s how we knew they were there, we hid against the wall with the mesh window so hopefully they didn’t see us. Daytime came and I tried to get the girl to leave the hotel area since the other people would most likely be killed and the creatures would be focused on them we could escape but she insisted on staying and that we were “safer” there. That’s all I remember. 

    Note: there are tons of praying mantises in my backyard so I’m guessing I’m just remembering them, but they don’t scare me, I pick them up and love to look at them with no problem, so it’s odd that I was scared of this giant mutated one. 

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