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The realest feeling nightmare I’ve ever had

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  • The way the dream started, I didn’t know I was still asleep. I dreamt I was lying in my bed, in the same position I had fallen asleep in, effectively blind due to the sleep mask worn securely over my eyes. I shuffled around a bit, trying to fall back asleep when I heard a distinctly male voice.

    “Is she awake?”

     I made a noise of frustration, thinking I slept in too late and my father or brother had come into my room to wake me up, but then the voice spoke again.

    “Can she- can you hear me?”

    I froze.

    That wasn’t my dad or brother.

    I heard it approach my bedside and I fought to keep my breathing steady.

    Then, the thing touched me. What I assume was it’s hand rested on my lower back, and it felt like the static you see on a tv.

    I fought the urge to move, to scream, to do anything except continue to breathe, deep and steady. It was terrifying. I was afraid to even open my eyes despite not being able to see due to my sleep mask. Something in my gut screamed that this thing wasn’t human.

    After what felt like an eternity, it took its hand away, and the staticky feeling left.

    I’m not sure exactly when I truly woke up, but I eventually opened my eyes to my empty bedroom, and I was alone.

    The most terrifying part of my dream was that everything felt so real. The radio I keep on in the background, the weight of my blankets, and the static creature’s voice all felt and sounded so real. 

    If anyone could offer any insight into the meaning of this dream, it would be very appreciated!

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