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    So in my dream, i am sitting in what appears to be a dirty living room with wood paneling walls, and dirty emerald green carpet that looks like it hasn't been vacuumed in years. The only thing in the room is a love seat sofa that smelled like it has been sitting in an attic for years. 

     I come into the dream by being slammed really hard on to the love seat couch in an upright sitting position on the left side. I tried to get up but some invisible force started restraining me to the couch. 

     The room gave me a sense of horror, it pertayed a feeling that i have been there before in life, but this dream version was intended to take my life. 

     Three objects floated down, whitch then my fear shot through the roof. It felt like these items were there to kill me and it was my time. The first 2 i cannot remember but the third was a small angry wooden box that opened from the front that grunted and started shooting metal bearings at me. 

     Each time it shot me i died and came back. Each time i came back i was more tired. When i fell asleep in the dream, i woke up. My head hurting and my heart pounding. Even though i had only had the dream once, i felt i had it a few years ago. 

     I grew up in foster care, because my stepmother was extremely abusive. If i wasn't made to stay in my room, i had to sit on the love seat on the cushion that distorted my view of the television. Could this be related? 


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