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Pool on fire

3 years 11 months ago #1 by Eskimo

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  • Pool on fire was created by Eskimo
    The dream was set at a pool during midnight in the middle of nowhere. The night was still, which was calming but at the same time unsettling. I was sitting on the side of the pool, out of the water. I was watching one of my female classmates ,that i liked, swim. Nothing really special about it. At one point she comes up to me, kisses me on the lips, then fully submerges into the water. Shortly after that, the pool blazes aflame. After that i dont remember much, but when i woke up it really disturbed me since i went to school that morning and the girl i dreamt of sat in the same bench with me. It was hard looking at her that day without feeling slightly disturbed.
    Anyone know what could it mean? 

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