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I keep seeing her

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    Hear me out. Idk who to ask for help on this. But I’m scared. A year ago at my old house, I had this scary dream. It wasn’t super complex. I was laying in my bed when my tv disconnected and it started making that staticy sounds? Like the fuzzy grey screen. Anyways the loud noise jolted me ‘awake’ and when I opened my eyes, there was this faceless woman standing next to me. With long dark hair. I was scared so I closed my eyes and tried to wake up again. When I did she was still standing there. I woke up about 8 times that night until a actually woke up in real life and she was gone. A year later I’m asleep in my new apartment. As I was asleep I had taken my dogs outside. As I was walking them, I saw her in my window. I tried to wake up. I ‘woke’ up in my bed the time was around 10:20 am but it was pitch black outside. I looked on my couch and there she was. Sitting there staring at the tv. I closed my eyes and tried to wake up again. When I finally did I checked the time it was now 11:40 pm. I knew that was still wrong because I fell asleep the night before at around 11 pm. I looked on the couch and she was still there. Only this time she got up and started walking towards me. Whispering something I couldn’t understand. I started crying. She started saying something in my ear in a language I’ve never heard before. I begged her leave me alone. I was screaming and crying. I heard a distance male voice tell me to wake up again. So I did. Only this time I actually woke up at 6:06 am. She was gone and everything was normal again. I have yet to see her face. Idk who she is and why she’s constantly following me. Is this all my imagination or is there more to it. I’m scared to sleep again. Please, any advice?

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