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My Ex Fiancé and my Mom

4 years 1 week ago #1 by CJ2K

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       So me and my Fiancé we together for maybe a year, rushed things cause we were madly in love, and were both ok with it. Then I get blindsided by “I don’t wanna be in a relationship at all anymore. And just left me, she has a 3 year old daughter, miss her with all my heart. And I’m really broken rn, thus dream I just had literally felt so real that I woke up and contemplated suicide, like that how bad thus was for me, but in the dream,!My Bi sexual ex Fiancé, is sleeping with my mom, and  my mom is also bi, and this dream has me waking up in tears and I was crying so much in the dream saying “you love to hurt me don’t you!” And “fuck you, fuck all of you, I I don’t wanna be here anymore” and my ex fiancé replied with “I’m single and I was interested” and as I cry like a baby after that comment and berate her with hurt questions. She starts crying and balling her eyes out, but we switched from in person to talking on FaceTime in the blink of an eye, crying on face time, then I woke up crying and balling my eyes out. The feeling of hurt and betrayal feels so real.....

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