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Demonic Cardinal (Part II)

4 years 1 month ago #1 by Danielc1990

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  • Demonic Cardinal (Part II) was created by Danielc1990
     So here is the follow up dream (as I call it) of the demonic cardinal dream.

    it basically started with me being in the hallway of the huge house that was once my mothers that I talked about. And it was also plain to me that I had just come out of that ‘hell’ I was in the night before. Just so you know, I’m both this dream and the first, I had no idea it was a dream or even questioned it, even though I had already awoken from the last one, if that makes sense. So I’m this dream, I still felt everything was real, and my memories of the last dream where with me and I knew people in the house looking at me could see something had happened. I then tried to find my bedroom, which although totally different to reality, and totally made up by imagination, I knew my way around it as if I’d lived there for years. But this time something was different. I saw a ‘secret door in the corner of the room, very small, to the point one would have to seriously squeeze through it with a lot of effort. I thought to myself I can’t belive nobody noticed this before, and I knew that nobody had noticed it before, or even ever. I opened it and squeezed my way in and came to a totally different room under the bedroom, it still looked like a homely bedroom but there were a lot of drawers and cabinets with a lot of things in that I knew I’d find interesting and invaluable, and the urge to go through these was overwhelming, buti then noticed another secret door in that room, which I knew would lead  me into something else even deeper, and this was more tempting that to look through the drawers. I came again to another room, same things again, Alain if drawers and cabinets with things or information in that I had to know, but was tempted again by another door. This went on and on several times until I finally came to a room I knew was the end of this labyrinth of rooms in the house, and I had come to another secret door but there was no room behind it, only a small box no bigger than a shoe box, that contained some paper, small objects and a gin. I didn’t want to look through it properly there, I wanted to take this box back to my bedroom and inspect it there, in the way back I though this is amazing, I have this box which will reveal something big, and then I have 5-6 other rooms full of amazing things and enlightening information that will be life changing. As I got closer to my bedroom, travelling back through the secret doors and different rooms, I was also getting closer to waking up, of course realising it was a dream but I also wanted to stay in the dream to find out what is in this box and those rooms. But the harder I tried to stay, the stronger I am being pulled away from the dream. To the point where I awake.

    i know some of the I terpretaions of having labyrinth or maze dreams it I find them not to relate to this because I didn’t feel like I was in a maze. I knew my way around, felt in no danger at all and just had this overwhelming sense of curiosity, but I always had this sense that all of the rooms, contents of the rooms and ultimately that box was all for and about me. But I never ever got to see it properly .

    i hope somebody can shed some light on this for me, it would be a huge help in understanding this. Thank you for reading. Peace everybody 

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