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    Hi everyone, I hope I find you doing well. I signed up for this site specifically to ask about a nightmare I would have a lot growing up. The dream starts off with me being in a full movie theatre, I could never tell what movie was playing or if the movie had even started yet but the place was completely packed. Suddenly a large monster comes out of the screen, much like the one Luke Skywalker fights after Jabba drops him into the pit. Everyone in the theatre starts screaming and running out and most of them make it out but a few get eaten.

    When I finally get to the exit everyone else is already out or eaten but when I go through the exit it’s like I enter a portal and I just come back in the other side. Still nobody else in there just me and the monster. I keep trying to go back out of the exits just to get beamed back on the other side. Well now the monster notices me. He starts coming after me slowly. Frantically I keep trying the exits but the same thing keeps happening, out one in the other. At this point in the nightmare is when I am the most scared and the monster is getting very close.

    Just as he is about to grab me... I learn that I can fly. I soar up towards the ceiling and out of his grasp. I look down at the monster and it seems sad and in awe. Then just like that the dream is over.

    I know I packed a lot into that but can anyone help me figure out what that dream might’ve been all about? Thank you in advance.

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