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  • Weird dream was created by Monabalona
    This dream was long and all over the place so I apologize in advance.

    At the beginning of the dream, I find out that I am in charge of this baby. It's a special baby. Think Harry Potter. This baby is going to be super important in the future and I am tasked with protecting it.
    As I am with the baby in the family room of my real house, a man that I recognize as a famous serial killer enters. He is attempting to steal the baby, but must get through me first before he can have it. It's a fight to the death. And I win. He falls to the floor, dead. I'm totally freaked out and take the baby to another room. A safer room. When I return to the family room, the man is gone. No blood. Nothing.
    But then I hear a noise coming from my porch. I walk out and see a plastic bag that has a speaker in it. The speaker happens to be on fire. I start to step on the bag, trying to put the fire out, but notice that there is a liquid in it. I immediately realize that it is some kind of gas and stop. I know that if I step on the bag, gas and fire are going to go everywhere. I instead decide to take it out to my neighbors fire pit.
    As I'm walking through my garden to get to my neighbors, I get lost. The garden is much larger than I remember. I get turned around again and again, unable to get out. Then I look down and notice that the fire has gone out.
    Just as I realize this, I remember something important. The baby. I had left it in the house with a kidnapper/serial killer on the loose. I turn around and suddenly I am at the edge of my garden and notice that the door to a play house in my yard was now open. I go to investigate.

    The dream ends there. I have no clue what it means. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear some. Thanks :)

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