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Scary clowns?

4 years 6 months ago #1 by iLoveAndHateSleep
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  • Scary clowns? was created by iLoveAndHateSleep
    I remember standing on some wooden things near a river, probably a small and thick tree, then I saw a clown coming towards me that was
    hiding behind those wooden things, but something behind me pushed me
    into the river and then dragged me into the bottom of the river, what's
    weird is that I could breathe underwater (feels like I was on a surface
    breathing), what's also weird is that I don't remember feeling wet, when
    I was at the bottom of the river, I pretended to be dead, and woke up
    in a baby carriage, but I'm not a baby (obviously), then the baby
    carriage was moving to the right side by itself, I saw a clown, right after I saw him I pretended to be dead again, the baby
    carriage was going towards the clown, when it was getting closer to the
    clown, I heard the clown saying "My eyes shall be inside you"
    repeatedly, I also think it had golden glowing eyes if I remember
    correctly, I'm also not sure if it was holding something in it's hands, I think
    it was a baby? It's strange cuz I was in the baby carriage, I dunno, but I don't remember what happened next, but I
    remember I was stuck front flipping in water (it felt like I was in
    space), every 1 front flip I heard a weird sound, similar to those in
    horror movies, the sound would get closer and louder every 1 front
    flip, I had eyes closed but I knew the clown was coming for me, when it
    was getting closer, I woke up. I was kinda scared and confused, so I
    quickly went and searched about people posting their dreams and
    nightmares on a forum, and so I'm here, it's really scary if you think
    about it, not knowing what would happen next if I didn't wake up, so
    what's the meaning of this nightmare? And yes, the clown was scary, it
    was like pennywise but it didn't look exactly like that.

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