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4 years 7 months ago - 4 years 7 months ago #1 by AayushiC

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  • Magic Amulet was created by AayushiC
    So this dream/nightmare begins with me being with some of my old friends. And we are in a market, it's late but we wanted to buy something.. not sure what it was.. but I'm guessing a shawl maybe. Then we meet this weird creepy guy with long hair and beard and he tells us that he has the thing we were looking for but we'll need to go with him to his house. And because we were in a group we agreed. Then I saw a guy, who was part of my group and I knew him in the dream but I haven't seen him in real life. He was handsome and mysterious. So we began our journey. Apparently we're traveling in a horse cart. We pass a area which smelled so bad. It smelled like garbage. The creepy guy asked us if we were fine and told that we were almost there. As we reach that place I see this huge palace like mansion but covered in darkness. Then suddenly a lamppost lights up and I can see things... Not that clearly but yeah. So that handsome guy I told about, bangs everyone's head into the horsecart wheel and everyone is unconscious. I ask him, why he is doing this?? To which he says, that he doesn't have any other choice and knocks me out too. So now I wake up in a room my hands and legs all tied up. I've no idea what happened to my friends and who is this guy. I struggle to free myself but nothing happens. After a while he Comes to that room and untie my legs so that I could walk. I ask him about what's happening and why is he doing this. He says nothing and just smiles, more like a smirk , a really creepy one. We walk through a hallway, where I see three skeletons in white dress, not the bridal one, just simple whitr dress. I know I was terrified. He takes me to another room where I see a body, but it wasn't just one body, meaning the parts of body were sewed together suggesting that every part belonged to someone else. He was some sort of serial killer. At this point I knew he was gonna kill me. I noticed that the structure was missing an arm that means he was gonna cut my arm. I ask him once again, what the hell is this??? To which he says that he wants to resurrect someone he once loved. And I don't remember how, but he tells me that she was some sort of witch and he is a demon and she's been dead for decades. So when he is about to kill me he notices that my arm is longer than the one on the structure and decides that he cannot kill me cuz he'll be murdering me if he couldn't use my arm for that structure. Which was just... More stupid and creepy. 
    Suddenly I hear police sirens but he manages to I don't know kill them?? Kidnap them??? No idea. The next thing I see was i am standing in a face off battle against him with my friends by my side and a little girl and I hold an amulet which has the power to defeat him. It was a black gem amulet. I use it to summon some kind of a small book which has this weird language which I suppose is very ancient and it's all lines and symbols. I then use the amulet to capture him and then I Wake up.
    I just wanna know what the hell it means??? And why I saw it???

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    3 years 1 month ago #2 by Alora

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  • Replied by Alora on topic Magic Amulet
    hi, i don't know if you'll ever see this but please get back to me if you do. the amulet you described and the book, especially the book, sound very familiar to me. i think i know what they were and i am really wondering why in the ancestors' names it would appear in your dream. if you can recall anything that was in this book, if you can draw anything that was in it, please, please could you? i'd love to talk to you more about this, i will if you're still around! have you had any more dreams like this? any more dreams featuring the amulet and/or the book or something of the sort? there's a few other questions i'd love to ask, too

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