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Strange dream I just dont understand

4 years 7 months ago #1 by Leigh19

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  • Strange dream I just dont understand was created by Leigh19
    This dream started when I was a child, it was never anything frightening but allways left me waking up sweating and the feel of terror.

    Its starts of with me standing there in nothing just empty space white is all there is, the I notice a tiny shape like a capsule.

    I allways walk to it as it draws me in with some energy I can never explain, it's not negative or positive but I feel something.

    In different dreams sometimes pick it up or leave it or even place it in my mouth
    All of a sudden it starts growing, the look of it growing is not what makes me feel terror. but the energy i get from it. I feel its density. It getting heavier and heavier and I feel its energy vibrating through me.

    It expands in width sometimes it doesn't, I can not escape it. I feel it growing more and more. Nothing else happens it just keeps going.

    This is where I wake sweating like a really bad nightmare. I've never understood its meaning and I've looked everywhere to find an answer.

    Closest I can explain about the energy it sends to me is like a frequency being turned up non stop till a point where its unbearable.

    Sorry if it sounded weird and hard to understand. It's very confusing to explain how it feels hopefully someone shares the same dream or has a answer.

    Thank you for reading

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