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    Hello everyone, i am new there and this is my first post...
    So, I had this really really scary dream multiple times, even since childhood. (I am 19 now) I run trough some hallway and enter a place with few small rooms. In one I see machines and 2 or 3 older woman weaving some threads. On the end of a hallway there is a small room where sits an ugly, fat old woman, she is the main weaver and the oldest. And she is something I am most afraid of. I swear I never got this scared in whole my life!!! She didn't do anything to me now but I can't remember did she in some of the previous dreams, I really don't know why I am so afraid of her. Then I start screameng and immediatly wake up, still screaming in my bed. I rarely have nightmares, and I don't wake up like this and scream in terror after a bad dream. I am really woried about this, I need some help and I, will be really thankful to hear someone elses opinion what this could meen.

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