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Being chased by horrible people

4 years 9 months ago #1 by Kaleb4192

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  • Being chased by horrible people was created by Kaleb4192
    I took a nap and at one point I accidentally dropped a glass and this guy dragged me by wrist and took this black curved pocket knife and tried cutting ur  necklace off my neck but it didn’t break so he cut my hoodie and literally started cutting my arms (the necklace my boyfriend bought me) Before that part even happened I was with gabby and then I ended up in this van with like 3 guys and I walked into whatever house I was at and then 3 minutes later these group of guys tried coming in so I locked the back door then the front door and I tried locking this huge window but they shot the glass and ripped the screen and came in and then I tried running up the steps. They shot me so I like went back to right before they came to try and survive (no control over dreams) (can go back in time of dream itself)

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