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Explosive encounter

4 years 10 months ago #1 by UnriddenSacrifice
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  • Explosive encounter was created by UnriddenSacrifice
    I was on a beach, enjoying my time when a very large firework landed in close proximity to me and I took off. Running as multiple explosions erupted around me, I ran towards the water with my eyes closed. But once I believed that I reached the water, everything became dark. And I opened my eyes to see more sand at my feet. When I looked up I saw an incredible amount of bodies with explosive and burn injuries. I assumed corpsmen or doctors were working on each of them. As there were multiple people with metallic tools gathered over each with others helping with light as if they were performing surgery. A female handed me a set of these tools and said “Help them.” But I refused because they already had many hands on these people. I didn’t want to add to the chaos. So I started walking through the corpses and screaming bodies. And found myself at a truck, loaded with people screaming for help and in pain. These people were wrapped in hard and soft plastics as if to embalm or somehow preserve them while they were still alive. Seeing this, a black figure waded out from the pile of screaming bodies and grappled me with cold dead hands. As it came closer, it’s flesh reminded me of thawed avian skin. It reared back, with 6 fleshy tentacles rising in the air. It lurched forward biting my neck somehow without a head... and I woke up.

    There are a couple important notes I’d like to share along with this because they’re probably relevant.
    1. My dad died 3 weeks ago exactly (we were very close)
    2. I’m enlisted in the U.S. Navy as a FMF Corpsman.

    -Just trying to figure this one out. This is the first dream that I’ve had that not only seems completely real, but was odd because I felt no fear during the dream, but after I woke up I felt anxiety and had a high heart rate. After I was bitten, I felt intense sensitivity in my neck and woke up with the same sensation. I’ve had dreams that do this multiple times as I usually die or suffer in them. The fear aspect during the dream, however was completely absent.

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    4 years 10 months ago #2 by guy

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  • Replied by guy on topic Explosive encounter
    I've found in my own dreams and that of others, that really emotional dreams like the one you had, are often the most powerful learning experiences.  Why?  Because we've reached a point in our spiritual development, where we aren't listening to ourselves and thus, we use dramatic dream emotional situations to grab our attention.  

    I also want to note that we are the producer, writer, director, and main actor in our dreams.  Nothing is there by change.

    So, with that said, here's my interpretation of your dream as if it was mine...

    I'm on a beach. Water is a symbol of my feminine.  So, there I am beside, yet not in my feminine.  

    And then the dream action starts...

    A large firework lands beside me.  This is a symbol of masculine based beliefs causing explosions.  I'm using this to draw my attention to a group of beliefs I call "command/control".  They produce surface level effects of being a controller or a controllee.  In my many other lives, I have played either part, many, many, ,many times.  in this life, It's my choice if I want to address them.

    What do I do?  I run away from myself, literally interpreting the dream.  Good news - I am running towards my feminine, i.e. water.

    However, everything became dark.  Dark is a way of me symbolizing I am not yet ready to "en-lighten myself".  I know from my many dreams about command/control my masculine based beliefs result in me being afraid of my feminine.  

    And what do I see when I open my eyes.  Many of my other lives. It's me I am looking at, spiritually injured from the belief effects of command/control.  I want to note that I am NOT saying command/control beliefs are bad or good, right or wrong.  They simply are what they are.

    Around the "wounded" other lives, are yet more of my other lives assisting them.  They are using masculine based beliefs, i.e. metallic tools.  They are beginning to become en-lightened, i.e. using light.

    However, I am not ready to assist.  I walk away.  That's why it was dark in my dream.

    Yet, I can't escape myself.  I walk through symbols of my other lives, dead or wounded.  Recall, it's me who's creating and script writing this dream.

    I then come to yet another symbol of masculine based beliefs I use to spiritually communicate with my other lives, i.e. a truck.  Their bodies are wrapped in symbols of yet more masculine based beliefs which are trapping themselves.  They, like me, use these beliefs to protect themselves from their feminine.  Yet, they are not spiritually dead.

    And then a teacher emerges from the pile of my other lives.  It's what I call an "aspect of myself."  This is a symbol of a group of beliefs I am projecting out of myself in the dream state to show me how these beliefs are manifesting within me.

    I then attack myself.  The number 6 is important.  I advise you to learn about what the number 6 in numerology means.

    If this was my dream, it's a very powerful learning choice I am giving myself.  I can try to forget it, in which case, the underlying beliefs keep chugging right along, producing yet more dreams like this one.

    Or, I can learn to listen to myself.  This is what I call doing the "heavy spiritual lifting".  How can one learn about oneself?

    Meditations and dream journalling are two free and most powerful techniques.  I don't know if you meditate.  If not, try several different techniques until you find one that works for you.  Then do it, each day, for 10-15 minutes a day, each week, each month, each year.  You'll find yourself learning LOTS about yourself.

    I also "feel" you should read "Enjoy your own funeral" by George Meek.  I also feel you should research Tom Kenyon and the Hathors.

    I hope that some of what I've said above deeply resonates within you.

    With kind regards,

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