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I am getting completely hated in my dreams

4 years 11 months ago #1 by jeushky

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  • This type of dream has occured quite a lot already. It starts off as me doing something wrong (usually I dont even mean to do that). The person is either a friend or my relative like parents or a sibling. At first in the dream they laugh at me telling how awful of a person I am and then we start to argue. After the arguing it usually gets physical and I usually get humiliated. After that I start telling them that I will do something bad (hurting myself or suicide), and the person in question usually just laughs and tells me that I dont have the guts to or encourages me to do it. After that I usually either cut myself or hang myself. And then that the dream ends. What freaks me out the most that sometimes I wake up with tears in my eyes. I would really like to know why do these dreams happen. I dont have bad relationships with these people. Please help.

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    4 years 10 months ago #2 by guy

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  • Hi!

    A very powerful learning dream!  I've found, when I have recurring dreams, it's time to learn to listen to myself, deep inside.  If I do, I learn LOTS about myself, change and the old fears disappear.  

    I'lll interpret the dream as if it was mine...

    I'd like to be able to recall where the dreams usually occur.  If it's in a room, then it's a symbol of different inner beliefs I have that are limiting my ability to see the greater reality, i.e. outside the room.

    In my dreams, when i am either humiliating someone or, the one being humiliated, it's one of the surface level effects of what I call "command/control" beliefs.  They work together requiring either a controller or, a controllee  

    In many of my other lives, I've used these often.  in some I've been the controlller acting out the part.  In others, I've been the controlee, on the receiving end of the treatment.Sometimes, I have killed myself as a result or, in others caused people to do it. 

    in these dreams I am the one being the controlee.  Humiliation is a powerful learning tool.  it requires us to forget our inner compassion and abuse or be abused by others. 

    The other people in the dream, are trying to help me learn about myself.  Thats why they are playing their dream part, humiliating and encouraging me to learn about what I perceive as my cowardice.  

    Does this mean I am a coward or am humiliated in my current life?  No.  However, I am using the same old beliefs, I've likely used in thousands of other lives in this life.  Good news - If I choose to listen to myself, I can in this life, address the beliefs and release it.  

    I'll end with a thought that just came to me.  Before one can teach or heal others, one must fist learn and heal oneself.  By addressing this, it will lead me to being able to better assist others I meet on the path of life.

    Further, a book just came into my head while writing this reply to you.  I suggest you find a copy of "Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born"  by Robert Schwartz.  

    I hope that some of what I've written resonates deep within you.

    With kind regards,


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