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Craziest, Realest Nightmare Of My Lufe

5 years 3 months ago - 5 years 3 months ago #1 by CaptainTightpants12
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  • Craziest, Realest Nightmare Of My Lufe was created by CaptainTightpants12
    So I don’t dream very often, at least I don’t remember them very often. I tend to sleep like a rock, so it was a little unusual. I used to dream a lot when I was a kid, and I would often have nightmares, but I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything quite this real or crazy before.

     I’m not sure if I should explain anything about myself before this, if that will taint the interpretation of the dream if anyone is brave enough to take a stab at it. I will post the initial dream, and then any questions that come up, just let me know!

    The dream started with me at a party, I do not know who’s party it was or why I was there.  The girl that I used to be involved with came in with her new boyfriend, she and I are still very close but have not worked out our issues with each other yet. I wanted to leave, but she begged me to stay so I stayed for a while. Finally I got out of the party and went home. I went to sleep and when I woke up I was in my grandmothers house from when I was a kid, she hasn’t live there and many years so it was very strange to be there again. I woke up next to the girl that I used to be involved with, and when I tried to cuddle with her, she told me all I cared about was being physical and left. I went after her, but only found my grandmother who was very disappointed in me for abandoning her in her opinion. I ended up getting away from her and went to the girls apartment to talk to her about our disagreement. When I arrived, her sister (who moved in recently) answered the door and I asked for the other girl. She was very confused and told me that she did not live there, and that she had never lived there. I was very confused at her response and then saw the cat that we used to share, and defiantly told her that she must live there because there is her cat. She told me that that was her cat and that her sister had never lived in the apartment, and had never even lived in the state. I pushed into the apartment and saw that all of her things were gone, and then tried to call her but found her phone number was no longer in my phone. I begin to panic, I was very scared about everything and the fact that I couldn’t find her. I ended up going to a friends house who definitely remembered her living there.  She came with me to confront the sister, only to be convinced by the sister that the girl had never live there. We came back to my apartment to discuss, I was very panicked and then my old ex from years back showed up begging me to take her back. I demanded she leave and ultimately her new boyfriend arrived and tried to fight me as I told them both to leave. During the fight, her parents appeared and told me they were right about me not being good enough for their daughter since I would hurt her new boyfriend this way. Ultimately they disappeared and I was left alone to be panicked about not being able to find the other girl. I was awakened by a phone call and that was it. 


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