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Nightmare in the warehouse, saving my twin.

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  •  I had a dream where I was in an abandoned warehouse, deep and dark, fulled with druggies and random people all young trying to have a good time, 

    i knew new my twin sister( twin in real life) was somewhere In my dream and I needed to do all I could to protect her and save her... I could sense people at the warehouse we’re going to kill me, when in different room s people started attempting to, I think out of nowhere had tools like screwdrivers and knifes and graphically killed anyone who tried to kill me, graphic by saying I was in full control of where etc.. usually t the head so I could fight other people and kill them instantly, just want to re interstellar that these people were really bad.. at one point I went into the bathroom and found my twin there and she needed my help getting out so I continued to fight with her help! I ended up killing so many people I still can’t get over it.. and I kept hearing a woman say to me it’s the person in yellow that took it, the one wearing yellow and so therefore she took some of my weapons and had something to do with why my twin was in this crazy situation.. 

    i usualky saved my tein drom from multiple dreams however I have never had such a graphic dream. 

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